Posted by: taylorjs | October 31, 2009

Weekly Roundup – Arizona Fall League

It took me a few weeks, but I realized that AFL games are never scheduled for Sundays.  So, it makes far more sense for the last few weeks of the AFL season for me to post my weekly roundup on Sunday rather than on Saturday.  Expect the roundup to be posted sometime tomorrow, probably before noon central.  Happy Halloween!

UPDATE: Alright, I didn’t make my self-imposed noon deadline.  At least I did manage to find time this morning to put the post together, though.  Hope your Halloween was sufficiently scary.  Now, for some AFL news — most of it pretty good.

The Good

Chris Parmelee – 1B

Parmelee had another strong week, making his 0-10 first week performance look more and more like an aberration.  This week, Parmelee went 5-16 with 2 doubles and a homerun, driving in 7 runs and scoring another.  The only negative was that Parmelee struck out 6 times against just 2 walks — but considering his strong production it isn’t a major concern.  Parmalee is now hitting .268/994 on the season, and his 15 RBI this season are 7 more than his closest teammate and tie him for 4th in the league.

Steve Singleton – 2B

Singleton had another solid week, going 5-17 with a double, 4 RBI, 5 runs scored, and a walk.  He didn’t strike out all week, which is pretty solid with 17 AB’s under his belt.  In fact, he’s struck out just 3 times in 39 AB’s all season — the best rate on the Solar Sox.  His .289/729 season average and OPS are also solid.

Rene Tosoni – OF

Tosoni rounds out the trio of Twins position players in the AFL, and he also had a reasonably good week.  He’d actually be a good candidate for an “OK” category if there was one.  Tosoni went 4-16 with 2 RBI and 3 runs scored this week while striking out twice and walking three times.  His .268 average and 806 OPS demonstrate that he’s had a pretty solid season through three weeks.  We may not be certain of his Rule 5 status, but if he is in fact eligible, he’s making a reasonable case for being protected.

Alex Burnett – RP

There’s not much to say about Burnett this week.  He got into 2 games, going an inning and giving up a hit in each.  That’s it.  No other stats.  No drama.  No craziness.  Just an inning and a walk, two times.  That dropped his season ERA to 5.79 and his season WHIP to 1.93 (it’s never good when you pitch well and your WHIP drops to 1.93, but I digress).  His K-BB is still out of whack at 4-5, but as long as he keeps churning out scoreless innings, I’ll be happy.

Spencer Steedley – RP

Steedley reigned in his unexpected AFL wildness this week, pitching two innings and walking just one (with a strikeout to go along with it).  That brings his season K-BB to a still-horrific 3-10, but if he keeps it together the rest of the way, no one will remember his two weeks of wildness to start the AFL season.  In his two innings, Steedley seems to have made just one mistake — a pitch that got knocked for a homerun by Buster Posey, the fifth overall selection in the 2008 draft.  Steedley now has a 6.00 ERA and a 2.83 WHIP (ouch!) in 6 innings of work.

The Bad

No one fits in this category this week.  That’s what happens when five of the seven guys step up!

The Ugly

Steven Hirschfeld – RP

Hirschfeld made it into three games this week, with two less-than-positive performances.  Last Saturday, Hirschfeld pitched a scoreless inning, allowing just a walk.  It looked like he was perhaps returning to his stronger week 1 work, but it wasn’t to last.  Wednesday’s outing was the worst:  a one inning, 4 hit, 3 ER performance.  Hirschfeld then got a chance to redeem himself yesterday, and while he pitched better in a 2.1 inning appearance, he still allowed 5 hits and 2 earned runs.  That leaves Hirschfeld with a 16.20 ERA and 2.70 WHIP.  Somehow, he has a strong 9-3 K-BB ratio — but I doubt that provides much solace to Hirschfeld.

Mike McCardell – SP

McCardell started Monday’s game and went 3.2 innings, allowing 5 earned runs on 5 hits and a walk.  McCardell’s ERA shot up to 7.27 for the season, and his WHIP is now sitting at 1.62.  He does have 11 K’s on the year (4 of which came this week), but the other numbers are bad enough that, just like Hirschfeld, no one is probably paying much attention to that stat.


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