Posted by: taylorjs | November 15, 2009

Weekly Roundup – Arizona Fall League

There are just four days of Arizona Fall League action left this season, so this week’s roundup is the second-to-last.  Hopefully the guys can finish strong!

The Good

Alex Burnett – RP

Burnett has been on a serious roll, not having allowed a run in 7 innings of work since October 21.  This week, Burnett struck out 4 while walking just 2 in 3 innings over 2 games.  He now has a respectable 2.79 ERA and 1.34 WHIP in 10.1 innings, and his K-BB ratio is finally on the right side of 1.00, settling in at 10-9.

Spencer Steedley – RP

Steedley also had a nice week, pitching three scoreless innings and allowing 3 hits and picking up a strikeout.  His season ERA has fallen to 3.75, and his WHIP (while still bad) has dropped to 2.17 in 12 innings of work.  His 7-12 K-BB ratio is still out of kilter, but with no walks this week he at least improved it.

Chris Parmelee – 1B/OF

I had to think pretty hard about where to put Parmelee this week.  On the one hand, he went 5-21 and struck out 7 times without a walk.  That would normally qualify a guy for a bad week.  However, Parmelee also drove in 3 runs while scoring 3 more, hit a couple doubles and a homerun, and most importantly for my decision, went 5-10 on Friday and Saturday.  The early part of his week was dreadful, but I’m going to give him credit for coming on strong at the end of the week.  Parmelee is now hitting .243/868 on the season, with 21 K’s and 8 walks.

Steve Singleton – 2B/3B

Singleton has had a pretty nice AFL season, and it continued this week.  His 3-14 average was not particularly inspiring — but it didn’t stop Singleton from continuing to produce runs.  Two of Singleton’s hits were homeruns, and he drove in 5 runs while scoring 4 more.  His 5 K’s this week were a bit gaudy (and doubled his season total), but the run production being what it was I would have a hard time scoring him as anything other than Good for the week.  For the season, Singleton is now hitting .281/768 with 10 K’s and a walk.

The Bad

Rene Tosoni – OF

Tosoni went 4-20 this week with an RBI and a run scored.  He also struck out 6 times with a walk.  This is another mediocre week that I’m putting into the bad category because there was nothing particularly special to rescue it.  Tosoni is now hitting .238/634 with 21 K’s  and 9 walks.

The Ugly

Steven Hirschfeld – SP, RP

Hirschfeld got another three inning start this week, but things didn’t go quite as well as in his first start.  This time, Hirschfeld gave up 2 earned runs on 3 walks and a hit (a homerun, actually) while striking out 3.  That’s just bad enough to consider the week ugly rather than merely bad, in my book.  For the season, Hirschfeld at least managed to drop his ERA below 10.00 (it’s sitting at 9.95), and his WHIP is now sitting at 1.82.  His 14-6 K-BB ratio in 12.2 innings remains a strong positive for him, at least.

Mike McCardell – SP

I still don’t know the story on McCardell, but it appears even more likely that he’s simply been shut down.  He hasn’t pitched since October, and with just 4 games left to play I’m assuming he’s done.  Again, by default, I’m scoring his DNP as Ugly.



  1. Not that it fits here… but did you see that both Huber and now Morillo are headed to Japan?

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