Posted by: taylorjs | January 6, 2010

Hall of Fame Results

Congratulations to Andre Dawson on being elected to the Hall of Fame — I truly believe it is deserved.  I was skeptical for awhile, but for the past few years I have been convinced and I am pleased that he’s in.

The voting results were a bit more bittersweet elsewhere on the ballot, mostly because Bert Blyleven did not get in.  However, while Blyleven is not going to be inducted this year, there is very little doubt that he will be elected next year.  Blyleven experienced a voting surge from last year, placing him at 74.2%.  As the ESPN crew is saying, and is definitely borne out by history, someone who gets that many votes will get in the next year.  A 2011 Hall of Fame class of Blyeleven and Alomar would be just fine with me.  I hope Bert doesn’t get too upset by not making it again this year — patience, and keeping his tongue in check — will be a virtue.

Other interesting notes:

  • Mark McGwire stayed in the low 20’s, so there’s clearly a lot of stubbornness on the part of the voters.  Those who think he’s good enough continue to vote for him, those who feel he’s tainted by PED’s don’t.  That’s probably not going to change anytime soon.  I’m guessing we’ll see something similar with Palmeiro next year.
  • Obviously voters aren’t yet willing to vote for a DH — Edgar Martinez got just 36.2% of the vote.  That’s not low enough to give up all hope, but if Martinez is going to get in its going to take awhile.
  • Jack Morris had an 8% bump, from 44% to 52.3%.  Watch that movement — it’s the kind of thing that could potentially turn serious, or could fizzle out.  The same with Tim Raines, who went from 22.6% to 30.4%.  Raines obviously has far more work, but that is serious movement.

More to come later if I find more that interests me.  Congrats again to Dawson — and I can’t wait until next year when Bert Blyleven finally gets the call.


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