Posted by: taylorjs | January 10, 2010

Spring Training Invitees

It’s always fun to get the list of spring training invitees, because it means that really, the start of spring training isn’t that far away.  That let’s those of us living in this freezer of a state dream of better, warmer times that lie ahead rather than thinking about how are toes are about to fall off from frostbite.

If you haven’t seen the list yet, here it is:


Jair Fernandez (A+)
Danny Lehmann (AA/A+)
Danny Rams (R+/A-/A+)


Chris Parmelee (A+)
Brock Peterson (AAA)
Steve Singleton (A+/AA)


Brian Dinkelman (AA)
Ben Revere (A+)
Rene Tosoni (AA)


Jose Lugo – LHP (AAA/AA)
Mike Maroth – LHP (Not in Organization)
Anthony Slama – RHP (AAA/AA)
Kyle Waldrop – RHP (AA)

Most of these guys, of course, are just around as filler so that there are enough bodies laying around to play in early pre-season games and whatnot.  Of course, even players who were invited solely for logistical reasons (the three catchers, for instance) have been handed a golden opportunity to impress the big league coaching staff and to try to make a name for themselves as prospects.  Then there are guys like Mike Maroth and Anthony Slama who, depending on how things play out, could legitimately find themselves as bullpen options.

I’m particularly interested too see what Ben Revere, Chris Parmelee, Brian Dinkelman, Anthony Slama, and Kyle Waldrop do.  Is Dinkelman really an outfielder now?  Will he split his time?  Will Parmelee be used at first or in the outfield?  Will Revere use Spring Training as a showcase and give himself a boost for his 2010 minor league assignment?  Will Slama demonstrate that he’s a legitimate option to come up to the bigs sometime in 2010?  It’s an interesting list of NRI’s, and gets me fired up for spring.  I can’t wait for February 21!


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