Posted by: taylorjs | March 6, 2010

Spring Thoughts – Game #2

A better result on Friday than on Thursday, with the Twins picking up a solid 5-0 victory for their first Grapefruit League win of the year.  Of course, wins and losses aren’t important in the spring, but it’s still more fun to see a W than an L.

Today’s Big Winner:

Alexi Casilla.  This might seem a strange choice, considering the Twins had 8 pitchers in the game and none of them allowed a run, and also saw Michael Cuddyer go 2-for-2.  However, Casilla to me gets the edge today for two reasons:  (1) he got into action for the second day in a row, and playing time is key when you’re trying to win a job in the Spring; and (2) he shifted into CF at the end of the game.  I have no idea how much time he spent there, but this is an interesting use of Casilla — it suggests, if nothing else, that the Twins are at least considering how they could use Casilla if he were to make the big league roster.  I don’t know if I particularly like the thought of Alexi in the outfield, but with only 4 outfielders on the roster, if Casilla showed the ability to play out there it would at least make him slightly more useful.

Today’s Big Loser:

There really isn’t one — but in the spirit of the ‘rules’ of the post I’m going to pick Jim Thome.  It’s not that Thome has anything to worry about job-wise — barring injury, he will make the team.  Nonetheless, Thome put up an 0-2 day a strikeout and 3 runners left on base.  There’s nothing horrible about that line, but on a day when most players on the team did pretty well, this constitutes the Big Loser line of the day.  An honorable mention should go to Mike Maroth even though he didn’t pitch today — having performed poorly in his debut yesterday, Maroth watched a bunch of guys who are competing against him all pitch well.



  1. I don’t see Maroth as having a legitimate shot on the active roster. In fact, I think it’s unlikely he’ll complete the year in our system.

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