Posted by: taylorjs | March 21, 2010


I expect that I will have a lot more to say about this over the next few days, but for now I just have to say that I’m thrilled about today’s news that Joe Mauer will be a Twins through at least 2018.  I’m sure that most Twins fans feel the same way, although there are undoubtedly some nay-sayers and contrarians who will argue that the Twins should have moved Mauer in a deal to gain back younger talent because they can’t afford his new contract.  Hogwash, I say — the deal is expensive, but is made possible by the revenue that will be generated by the new stadium.  The Twins might not have playoff success in the next decade — but it won’t be because they can’t afford good players.

I’m particularly pleased about Mauer’s signing because it deals a blow to all the self-righteous Yankees and Red Sox fans (and a few members of the national media) who felt that there was simply no way anyone could turn down the allure of playing in New York or Boston.  I also can feel justified in believing that this deal was going to get done (although as a few friends of mine will know, I was beginning to lose a bit of faith in the last few days).  It’s a great time to be a Twins fan!



  1. New stadium honeymoons last two years. After that revenue once again becomes a product almost entirely of success.

  2. There’s a big difference here though — the Twins financial situation in the Metrodome was so tremendously horrible (if I remember correctly, they got very little money from luxury boxes, concessions, etc) that the new stadium will help the Twins financials even more than new stadiums help most teams.

    • That was the sales pitch. And a sales pitch not terribly unusual as far as these debates go. But I doubt hot dogs and candy bars will really help the Twins find an additional 18-22 million dollars in revenue every year for the next 8.

  3. Well then, I guess we better hope the Twins continue winning ball games and drawing fans. I for one don’t think it’s going to be a problem. The Twins would have been worse off letting Mauer go and losing the support of the fan base immediately.

    • Do I sense a wager opportunity?

  4. Josh,

    A little off topic – but could you explain to me how Glen Perkins still has an option left?

    Here’s what I find:
    Sept 06: Contract purchased
    March 24, 07: Option #1
    April 12, 07: Recalled… injured, put on rehab assingment later… but if he was down for 19 days, that still counts right?
    May 10, 08: Recalled, so I’d assume that came after Option #2
    Sept 9, 09: Option #3

    I know the rule about getting 4 options in your first 5 years, but this wouldn’t apply to him. Any help!?!

  5. Hard to be off topic on a blog that doesn’t seem to get updated regularly (I’ll try to work on that).

    The answer to your question is that 2007 probably didn’t use up an option year. A player has to be on optional assignment for 20 days in a season for an option year to be used up, so the 19 day stint in March-April 2007 shouldn’t count. Perkins was actually optioned again on March 23, 2008, and this time wasn’t recalled until May, so 2008 was the first option year used. Then, he was optioned again on September 2 2009, so he spent more than 30 days on optional assignment in 2009 as well, and that was the second option.

    Hope this helps (and I also hope its correct!).

  6. Thanks for your help. I was thinking 14 days (instead of 20). Too many rules!

    It makes sense now… but I’m still pulling for a trade.

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