Rule 5 Eligibles

This page simply contains a list of players in the Twins organization eligible for the upcoming Rule 5 draft, which will take place on December 10, 2009 in Indianapolis.  The list is broken down into players who will be eligible for the first time in the 2009 draft, and those who were already eligible as of last year.  One significant caveat — I’ve done my best to determine the Rule 5 eligibles in the organization, but its not always as easy it might seem.  The relevant questions for determining eligibility are the date a player signed a professional contract, and the age of the player at the time of signing.  Sometimes, especially with international signings and other undrafted signings, it’s not always clear exactly when the player signed.  If you think I’ve listed someone who is not eligible, please let me know.  Similarly, if I failed to list someone who you believe is eligible, please let me know as well.

Eligible for the First Time in 2009

  • Michael Allen (RHP – Ft. Myers)
  • Henry Arias (RHP – Ft. Myers)
  • Santos Arias (RHP – Ft. Myers)
  • David Bromberg (RHP – Ft. Myers) next year
  • Alex Burnett (RHP – New Britain) ADDED to 40-MAN
  • Jeff Christy (C – Rochester) RELEASED
  • Estarlin de los Santos (SS – Ft. Myers) ADDED to 40-MAN
  • Rob Delaney (RHP – Rochester) ADDED to 40-MAN
  • Cole DeVries (RHP – New Britain)
  • Brian Dinkelman (2B – New Britain)
  • Mark Dolenc (OF – Ft. Myers)
  • Jonathan Goncalves (OF – Elizabethton)
  • Deolis Guerra (RHP – New Britain) ADDED to 40-MAN
  • Paul Kelly (SS – Beloit)
  • Brian Kirwan (RHP – Beloit)
  • Dustin Martin (OF – Rochester)
  • Jean Mijares (LHP – GCL Twins)
  • Miguel Munoz (RHP – Elizabethton)
  • Whit Robbins (1B – New Britain)
  • Angelo Sanchez (RHP – Elizabethton)
  • Steven Singleton (2B – New Britain)
  • Anthony Slama (RHP – Rochester) next year
  • Yangervis Solarte (OF – New Britain)
  • Alexander Soto (C – Ft. Myers)
  • Rene Tosoni (OF – New Britain)  (See discussion at this post)
  • Drew Thompson (SS – Beloit)
  • Danny Valencia (3B – Rochester) ADDED to 40-MAN

Eligible Starting in 2008 or Earlier

  • Allan de san Miguel (C – Ft. Myers)
  • Jair Fernandez (C – Ft. Myers)
  • Matthew Fox (RHP – New Britain)
  • Toby Gardenhire (IF – New Britain)
  • Jason Jones (RHP – Rochester)
  • Tim Lahey (RHP – Rochester)
  • Rene Leveret (1B – Ft. Myers)
  • Erik Lis (OF – New Britain)
  • Jose Lugo (LHP – Rochester)
  • Alejandro Machado (IF – Rochester)
  • Matt Macri (IF – Rochester)
  • Winston Marquez (LHP – Ft. Myers)
  • Frank Mata (RHP – New Britain)
  • Juan Morillo (RHP – Rochester) Added to 40-Man Roster
  • Matt Moses (OF – New Britain)
  • Ryan Mullins (LHP – New Britain)
  • Yancarlos Ortiz (SS – New Britain)
  • Leonardo Parra (RHP – GCL Twins RELEASED
  • Brock Peterson (1B – Rochester)
  • Juan Portes (OF – New Britain)
  • Brandon Roberts (OF – New Britain)
  • Ramon Santana (SS – New Britain)
  • Reid Santos (LHP – Rochester)
  • Oswaldo Sosa (RHP – New Britain)
  • Ludovicus Van Mil (RHP – New Britain) ADDED to 40-MAN
  • Kyle Waldrop (RHP – New Britain)
  • Tommy Watkins (OF – Rochester) RETIRED
  • Matthew Williams (RHP – Ft. Myers)
  • David Winfree (OF – Rochester) MINOR LEAGUE FREE AGENCY


  1. Tosoni was not eligible after the 2008 season and Seth over at Seth speaks thinks he still isn’t eligible this year.

  2. Josh,

    I have Santos Arias, Eddy Santana and Yancarlo Franco all eligible this year… but it’s hard to say with the int’l guys.

    I also anticipate seeing Jared Hemus and Jeff Schoenbacher on the list again (as they did last year).

  3. I agree with you that Arias, Santana, and Franco should all be eligible this year. Arias was an oversight on my part, while the other two just weren’t on my radar because I generally don’t track internationals until they make it to at least the GCL, and the highest those two have gone is the DSL.

    While I have not seen anything definitive on either Hemus or Schoenbachler, I can’t imagine that either is still in the organization. Hemus hasn’t played since 2002 and Schoenbachler hasn’t played since 2006. I seem to recall reading something somewhere about Schoenbachler being released, but I couldn’t find it just now when looking for it. Nonetheless, I’d be stunned if either of these guys is still on the payroll.

    I’m going to add Santos Arias to the page. I’ll start tracking the other two DSL guys if they make it to the GCL. And, if either Hemus or Schoenbachler pop up again I’d of course add them too — but I don’t anticipate that happening.

  4. The only reason I have those guys on my list is because when BA released their Rule V guys last year both were on the Twins’ list.

    It would be easier for me if they didn’t show up, that way I could delete them completely and not have to find an area to stick their names during the year!

  5. Interesting that BA still listed them. That suggests that they’re still around somewhere, but that just seems incredibly hard to believe (especially for Hemus — I mean, 7 years with nary an appearance? He’s GOTTA be gone, right?). Anyway, thanks for pointing out the three internationals (especially Arias, who I should have included from the start).

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